Innovative laser processing solutions for a better manufacturing


Superior speed for QR Codes marking applications

  • Customer engagement for consumer goods (QR Code) 
  • High-speed marking on polymers
  • Secured traceability, overt/covert applications

Unique features

  • Dynamically configurable high-speed laser printing
  • Superior marking quality
  • Gentle marking for sensitive materials

Customer benefits

  • High-speed serialization on primary packaging
  • Customer configurable security marking applications
  • Compatible with standard industrial vision and smartphone reading

Luxe market

Anodized aluminum

DM 18×18; 10mm

Micro DMs, alphanumerics  0.5mm


Consumer goods


QR code 21×21; 10mm

QR code : 250ms

Seal Vector : 750ms

Food & Beverage

Coated PET; Metallized PET

QR code 21×21; 10mm