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VULQ1 Module for micromachining

Enjoy the full potential of your femtosecond laser

What is a VULQ1 module for micromaching ?

The VULQ1 system is a sub-system in the laser machine design, offering programmable multibeam processing capabilities.

It needs to be operated with an external laser source.

The VULQ1 module is composed of three main components :

  • VULQ1 optical head : VULQhead
  • VULQ1 controller : VULQontrol
  • VULQ1 software : BeamForge, stand-alone or API version for integration

There is 1 VULQ1 module dedicated to industrial micromachining, operating in the NIR regime (see table 1)

  • High-speed surface texturing
  • High-speed micro-drilling
  • Beam quality management along laser lifetime

Unique features

  • Unique combination of throughput and quality with flexible multibeam processing
  •  Straightforward creation and management of custom Laser Light Tools
  • Integrated beam cleaning and beam quality management functions

Customer benefits

  • Outstanding value for money: 10% investment = 400% productivity
  • Boundless possibilities for process optimization with programmable Laser Light Tools
  • Homogeneous standard product line performance with beam cleaning
  • Maximum uptime with remote beam quality management
VULQ1 optical head : VULQhead
VULQ1 controller : VULQontrol
Table 1

VULQ1 Software : BeamForge

Our proprietary software BeamForge puts the power of programmable multibeam processing within everyone’s reach. A simple and ergonomic user interface offers many powerful functions like:

  • PixMap generation : creation of an interactive multi-beam pattern, allowing point-to-point energy control – (exclusive to our software)
  • Automatic 2D code generation as: Datamatrix, QR code and dotcode
  • Automatic generation of multibeam patterns from alphanumeric characters or images,
  • Toolbox for multibeam pattern control and optimization: rotation, dilation, symmetry, …
  • User assistance tools for pattern creation: preview, distance measurement,…
  • Beam Quality Control functions, for optimal quality throughout the life of the laser solution


  • Export/import capabilities to create our own customized multi-beam patterns libraries
  • Proprietary scripting language for experts who want complex custom-made marking sequences


BeamForge is available as a stand-alone software or also as an API for OEM integration.