Innovative laser processing solutions for a better manufacturing

Combining creative engineering and innovative laser technologies

SERAM, a subsidiary of the NEYRET Group specialising in accessories and ornamentation for the luxury goods industry, has joined forces with QIOVA‘s expertise in innovative femtosecond laser material treatment solutions.

Thanks to QIOVA‘s patented programmable multi-beam laser technology, SERAM can produce an infinite variety of functional and aesthetic markings within extremely short times, on a whole host of materials: glass, metal (aluminium, zamak, brass, copper, etc.), ceramic, polymer, textile, wood, cardboard, etc.

Using specific interaction between light and material, femtosecond lasers deliver exceptional renderings, either on the product itself or on an added decoration (metal plate, leather decoration, etc.), with full control of precision and reproducibility.

QR codes, whether integrated into the decor or infinitely small, can now be personalised at very high speed, so that individual packs can be identified without disrupting the user experience. Digital content is incorporated into the product in an open-ended and retroactive way to connect with users.

The NEYRET Group now boasts a comprehensive package (Laser + Software) and can therefore provide customers with a turnkey solution, with SERAM for the Laser part and SANSARA (also part of the NEYRET Group) the software environment for tracking individual products.

From the design stage through to the digital solution and support, these new end-to-end decoration and tracing solutions take into account all the customer’s industrial requirements throughout the project.

The SERAM-QIOVA merger raises a number of issues, including the following:

  • New consumer expectations: CSR / Environment / Transparency / Story Telling / etc.
  • New brand aesthetics needs: Revamping / co-branding / Sensory
  • New uses for products: Millennials / NFT / Phygital / Second life
  • New requirements from the market and regulators: AGEC law / Anti-counterfeiting / DPP (Digital Product Passport)

To find out more:

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Florent Thibault  Chairman

About QIOVA:

Since 2011, QIOVA has been a pioneer in the development of high-speed industrial laser solutions for the precise processing of materials.

Their vision is based on 2 fundamental convictions:

  • Laser is the production tool of the future. Thanks to its unrivalled advantages such as high resolution, permanent, non-contact and consumable-free processing, laser light generates superior added value with a minimum environmental footprint.
  • Productivity is the key driver for wider adoption of lasers in industry. With the wide choice of high-power industrial lasers available today, the limiting factor in productivity lies in the ability to deliver the light to the part in the most efficient way. Standard approaches have reached their limit; better tools are needed for new mass applications.

 QIOVA’s unique programmable multi-beam technology ensures that our customers produce in optimum conditions, no matter what the situation.

 VULQ1 modules and systems provide manufacturers with the production tools they need to lead the 4th industrial revolution.


About SERAM:

SERAM, a subsidiary of the NEYRET group, has been an expert in decorative and identification accessories for over 35 years, helping you find technical and creative solutions to decorate, distinguish, enhance and identify your products, packaging and marketing environment.

Hundreds of materials, numerous, varied and sometimes truly unique skills, a styling team driven by a passion for detail and design, an innovation department and a product development studio mean that every year we create thousands of products tailored to your requirements.

With 250 million pieces sold per year and with plants and logistics hubs in China, Sri-Lanka and Madagascar, sales offices in Paris and Hong Kong, and headquarters in the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region, SERAM is the world leader in its category.

NEYRET, a French family-owned group founded in 1823, represents 1,200 employees in 8 countries. A key partner to luxury and fashion brands, NEYRET rolls out its creative engineering expertise in the production of ribbons, labels and accessories for textile and multi-material ornamentation. Driven by the values of passion, respect and excellence, and with Corporate Social Responsibility as its guiding principle, the NEYRET group is today bolstering its traditional know-how with strategic innovations in digital service and eco-design.