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Research & Development with
VULQ1 Module

A simple and highly versatile tool to harness beam shaping boundless capabilities

What is a VULQ1 module for Research & Development ?

The VULQ1 system is a sub-system in the laser machine design, offering programmable multibeam processing capabilities. It needs to be operated with an external laser source.

The VULQ1 module is composed of three main components :

  • VULQ1 optical head : VULQhead
  • VULQ1 controller : VULQontrol
  • VULQ1 software : BeamForge, stand-alone or API version for integration


There is 1 VULQ1 module dedicated to research, featuring the broadest spectral operation range of the VULQ1 range 


  • Flexible multibeam generation
  • Advanced beam profile generation : top-hat, vortex, Bessel

Unique features

  • Broadest specified spectral operation range covering visible and NIR range
  • Intuitive graphic software interface with powerful built-in functions
  • Straightforward creation and management of Laser Light Tools with PixMap

Customer benefits

  • Focus on your research, not on laser beam shaping
  • Boundless applications with programmable beam patterns
VULQ1 optical head : VULQhead
VULQ1 controller : VULQontrol