Better laser processing solutions for a better manufacturing



Laser is the production tool of the future.

Thanks to its unmatched benefits such as high resolution, permanent, contact-less, consumable-less, laser light delivers a superior level of production added value for materials processing with minimal ecological footprint.

But the way laser solutions are designed today limits their performance.

Once limited by the available laser power, the bottleneck in achieving higher productivity with lasers comes from the sole scanner based beam delivery. Laser processing is like hand writing, a sequential approach where movement speed ultimately defines throughput. Modern galvanometric scanners are approaching the limits set by mechanical inertia.

Standard laser processing therefore reaches 3 limits, limiting broader industry adoption :

Economical limit

 There are 2 main contributors : 

A long processing time means high production cost.

The process throughput being limited by the laser beam speed, it is increasingly frequent that the laser power used for the process is only a portion of the total laser power, like 10-20%. 

As the laser is an expensive part of equipment, the return on investment for the industrial is slower and the initial spending more difficult to justify.

Environmental limit

Laser processing is much greener intrinsically that most traditional industrial production technique. 

But running a laser process that uses 10-20% of its capacity can further lower its impact on environment.

Throughput limit

The laser process productivity is limited by the speed of the laser beam onto the sample. 

The laser beam being small, this translates into a small amount of processed area per minute and long processing time.

Multibeam laser processing with VULQ1 unlocks these three bottlenecks

Multibeam processing is the combination of dynamic laser beam shaping with VULQ1 and traditional laser beam delivery systems. 
VULQ1 programmable multibeam technology allow users to extract unused power and use it on the workpiece to create throughput.

If the process uses 10% of the available power, the potential of process acceleration with VULQ1 is 10x.
VULQ1 programmable multibeam technology also offer new methods to use light, with unique performance

 FULL-STAMP marking method 

One laser pulse = one 2D pattern marked.

The fastest marking solution on the market. Ideal for product and components serialization on fast lines.


High-speed laser stamping for surface treatment.

Delivers cm²/s of surface processing rate with um accuracy

VULQ1 makes multibeam laser processing accessible and 

offers new possibilities to support operation of world-leading laser production

VULQ1 comes with BeamForge software, embedding more than 10 years of multibeam processing expertise in a user-friendly interface, including unique graphic design tools

The Beam Quality Control functions available in BeamForge enable machine builder to

  • Ensures homogeneous output performance in volume installation

  • Maintain the optical line in operation remotely

5% more CAPEX = 500% productivity