Better laser processing solutions for a better manufacturing



Enjoy the full potential of your femtosecond laser.

Have you ever run a laser process using only a fraction of the available power?

In the micromachining world, the application defines the maximum level of power that can be input on the material to meet quality targets. As a result, high-power femtosecond laser are operated are only a fraction of their full capacity, basically throwing money out of the window.

Including or retrofitting VULQ1 to the machine design allows to parallelize process with this unused power and immediately scale up machine productivity.

Enabled by QiOVA’s unique Programmable Multibeam technology, the dynamic switching between Laser Light Tools is essential to efficiently process freeform parts, leveraging the same concepts used in a CNC machine: roughing with many beams, semi-roughing and high precision finish with the high precision laser beam.

VULQ1 integrated Beam Quality Control function ensures that all machines deliver exactly the same optimal process results and moreover, for each machine, compensate beam degradation over its entire lifetime to maximize uptime.