Innovative laser processing solutions for a better manufacturing

SERAM & QIOVA unveil their partnership

Combining creative engineering and innovative laser technologies SERAM, a subsidiary of the NEYRET Group specialising in accessories and ornamentation for the luxury goods industry, has joined forces with QIOVA‘s expertise in innovative femtosecond laser material treatment solutions. Thanks to QIOVA‘s patented programmable multi-beam laser technology, SERAM can produce an infinite variety of functional and aesthetic […]

QiOVA Winner of the Industry of the Future call : “France 2030”

QiOVA winner of the “Industrie du Futur” call for projects under the France 2030 national investment plan The SM4RT.PR0D project aims to remove the barriers that allow the manufacturing industry to be more efficient and competitive immediately, by contributing to a wider adoption of laser processing of materials. Its ambition is to make available to […]

QiOVA raises 1 300 000 €

QiOVA, a French expert in laser technology and its applications, has raised €1.3M to deploy its high-productivity laser material processing solutions in the industry. The team and the potential global impact of the project convinced Kreaxi, UI Investissement, CA LHL Capital Innovation and the Business Angels of Incit’Financement to join the adventure. Their contribution, complemented […]